About Great Genealogy

John and Lydia CloughWelcome to my genealogy blog!

My name is Tom Clough and I have been an avid amateur genealogist for nearly 20 years. In Great Genealogy, I will share the lessons I have learned over the years and help you avoid some of the errors I made along the way.

Doing great genealogy is about much more than just compiling names, dates and places. It is all about seeing our ancestors as living, breathing people. People who had good times and bad times. Who had dreams that were achieved or never materialized. If we do our family history research the right way, we can get to know those people who made us what we are today.

I hope you will gain from reading this blog. Please share your own thoughts and experiences through the comments. We should all learn from each other.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you will return often.