Great Genealogy Moved!

Moving DayI have moved the Great Genealogy blog from Blogger to WordPress. The new link is

I am a fan of Blogger and I have used it for years but, it is not my website. Google owns the domain and they can do what they choose with it. I decided I want full control of my blogs so I made the move to my own domain.

A second factor in the decision was that I am able to host unlimited domains at my current web host. If I had to pay extra for hosting I might not have made the move.

The basic transfer is done as you can see. I do still have a lot of work to do to “beautify” the blog. I will be experimenting with themes and backgrounds so bear with me for a while.

If you are interested in the mechanics of how I transferred the blog from Blogger over to WordPress, I documented the process on another of my websites. You can read about it at


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